2019 Study Ranks Scottsdale the Best City for Jobs in U.S.

City of Scottsdale | January 11, 2019

The City of Scottsdale has been named by WalletHub as the best city in the U.S. to find a job.  The 2019 study cites 30 key indicators in ranking cities across the country where job seekers will have the greatest success in securing employment.  “Earning a top ranking out of 182 other outstanding communities demonstrates… [More]

Corporate Philanthropy – P. B. Bell aids The Singletons

B. Bell | January 3, 2019

In the spirit of the holiday season, family-owned P.B. Bell, a premier, locally owned and operated multifamily development, management and acquisition company, headquartered in Scottsdale, donated nearly $7,000 to a more-than-deserving nonprofit organization. The large check was presented at P. B. Bell’s holiday luncheon, where The Singletons, who provide support for single-parent families with cancer, were honored… [More]

Zach Ferres, Coplex

from Zach Ferres

It was only a few years ago when the Valley was a venture capital wasteland. That has turned around — thanks in large part to the high-profile successes of Infusionsoft and WebPT. Each big tech success story spawns greater interest and capital for the local tech ecosystem; some of the bigger tech exits have been… [More]

Transform from Rust-Belt to High-Tech

by Steven L. Blue 

Many rust-belt company CEOs blame their company’s failure on everything under the sun: automation, offshore labor, AI and even their own employees. What these CEOs don’t realize is, the No. 1 reason their company failed had to do with themselves — they decided to live in “happy land” and live off the successes of yesterday.… [More]

Drena Kusari: Helping Lift Lyft

by RaeAnne Marsh

As the first female general manager for Lyft, now overseeing both the Southwest region and Hawaii, Drena Kusari attributes the growth and success of the business at the local level to strong community ties and relationships developed with partners. This is a sensibility she brings naturally to her position. Kusari was born and raised in… [More]

Employee Financial Wellness and the Company Bottom Line

by Greg Ward and Cynthia Meyer

New research quantifies the improvements in employee retirement preparedness which generate ROI for an employer by reducing the costs of delayed retirements. The “Special Report: The ROI of Improving Employee Retirement Preparedness,” from Financial Finesse’s Financial Wellness Think Tank, found that, for a 50,000-employee company, this could lead to a savings of $65 million or… [More]

Top Business Challenges During Political and Economic Uncertainty

by Karen Loiterstein

Operational efficiency, obtaining new customers and talent acquisition are the top priorities for businesses going into 2019, according to a recent Enterprise Bank & Trust Think Tank survey. Heading into 2019, business is ripe with opportunity; however, political and economic landscapes present a lot of uncertainty and angst for business owners. With privately held businesses… [More]

French Transplants on Scottsdale Soil: Voilà 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Mix intimate and cozy with the high style of white cloth tablecloths, and … Voilà. Helping set the ambience as quintessentially French, a large rendering of “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by renowned French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir dominates one wall while an adjoining wall presents various views of Paris icon the Eiffel Tower in artsy… [More]

Liquid Refreshment for Lunch: Soup

by RaeAnne Marsh

Soups are as perfectly suited for winter meals as smoothies are for summer. Wafting aromas warm the olfactory senses while spoonfuls warm the body. Several fast-casual Valley restaurants make soups a hot choice on their menus. Café Zupas Soups (and salads and sandwiches) are house-made daily. Dishes are globally inspired, and recipes feature spices and… [More]

Feedback: January 2019

by Rowlan Hill, Gregory Lawary, Natalie Marston-Salem

New Year’s Resolutions — What is a business best practice you plan to continue, modify or implement in your business this year? Rowlan Hill Owner Blue Leaf Estate Auctions Sector: Auctions The use of social media and online advertising has proved to be the most effective way of reaching new customers and clients and utilizing… [More]