How to ICE-Proof Your Business in 2019

by Bridget Sharkey

President Trump has made global headlines with his tweets which pledging to build a border wall at Mexico’s expense. Meanwhile immigration crackdowns at places of business will no doubt continue to increase during 2019.  In fact, ICE reports a 650 percent surge in workplace arrests since Trump became president, according to a recent article in Newsweek.  “Employment … [More]

Remote Working Officially vs Unofficially – It Matters

by Mike Hunter

A survey, commissioned by the inventor of virtual network computing, RealVNC, found that, in a significant number of large U.S. enterprises that do not officially permit remote working, remote working happens unofficially. This indicates that not permitting remote working is putting data security and privacy at risk by encouraging unofficial access that often involves personal … [More]

In Great Company

by Mike Hunter

In Great Company presents a practical approach to ensure that employees perform at their highest possible levels. It’s not about increasing salaries, offering huge bonuses or investing in the latest employee engagement tools. The real answer is simpler, deeper and longer-lasting: getting one’s people to love where they work. Founder and CEO of one of today’s top leadership … [More]

Are You Unintentionally Discriminating against Pregnant Employees?

by Sarah O’Keefe

Despite clear laws designed to protect the rights of pregnant working women, discrimination against pregnant employees remains pervasive. Federal mandates like the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act, along with the state-level Arizona Civil Rights Act, serve to insulate pregnant women from unfair treatment. However, … [More]

Outsmarting the Smart Workplace

by Tamara Barkdoll

Smart technology can help employers forge a more motivated, efficient and effective workforce. But these devices also pose significant employment-law risks. While employee privacy concerns are one common issue, others are less obvious. Following the tips below can help employers avoid being caught off guard by addressing these legal risks early on.  Be Vigilant and … [More]