Connect First

by Mike Hunter

Here’s what we’ve lost track of: organizations are run by people, and people run on emotions. Strong relationships are the bedrock of lasting success, meaning and joy at work. In this life-changing guide, Dr. Melanie Katzman shows readers an impactful approach to connect first as fellow humans, then as coworkers and colleagues, Dr. Katzman presents 52 actions readers can take … [More]

Interactive App Evolves Workplace Learning

by Mike Hunter

Giide offers immersive audioguided experiences from experts in various fields who curate and create original multimodal audio content that includes videos, articles and activities focused on workplace learning. Giide is a podcast and workshop combined: interactive audio. It was founded by CEO Allison Kent-Smith and Chief Technology Officer Scott Prindle, and consulted by a team … [More]

Job Description Builder

by Mike Hunter

Jobsoid, an award-winning applicant tracking software that integrates a suite of cloud-based products and is focused on simplifying recruitment, recently released a free Job Description Builder with an online library of customizable job description templates. Hiring managers can choose a template from the online library of more than 500 ready-to-use job descriptions, customize … [More]

Two Weeks’ Notice?

by Jennifer Ward

The last 20 years in the workplace have seen sweeping change: resume submission by paper in the mail to computerized applicant tracking systems, hard copy live paychecks to direct deposit, and completely cashless businesses. Longstanding practices and traditions have died out, whether as a result of being replaced by technological innovation or simply because they couldn’t keep … [More]

10 Warning Signs of a Dysfunctional Corporate Culture

by Mike Hunter

The growing spotlight on dysfunctional corporate culture and its potentially devastating impact on organizations has given new urgency around the issue in boardrooms today. Research shows that 30 percent of M&A deals fail to achieve financial targets due to culture-related matters, and some studies suggest that even workplace incivility can have an average cost of … [More]