Two Weeks’ Notice?

by Jennifer Ward

The last 20 years in the workplace have seen sweeping change: resume submission by paper in the mail to computerized applicant tracking systems, hard copy live paychecks to direct deposit, and completely cashless businesses. Longstanding practices and traditions have died out, whether as a result of being replaced by technological innovation or simply because they couldn’t keep … [More]

10 Warning Signs of a Dysfunctional Corporate Culture

by Mike Hunter

The growing spotlight on dysfunctional corporate culture and its potentially devastating impact on organizations has given new urgency around the issue in boardrooms today. Research shows that 30 percent of M&A deals fail to achieve financial targets due to culture-related matters, and some studies suggest that even workplace incivility can have an average cost of … [More]

Marketing Automation, Accelerated

Mike Hunter

Too often, marketers purchase technology with the promise that all of their problems will be solved, only to then see this valuable asset underutilized or, even worse, transformed into “shelfware.” Act-On Accelerate, from Act-On Software, is a Marketing as a Service solution that bridges the gap between technology and strategy execution. To Act-On’s marketing automation and … [More]

AI Advances Background Checking

by Mike Hunter

Background checks are becoming a higher-profile security issue, yet in this world of “people screening,” speed and accuracy have remained the industry’s key pain points. Victoria-based Certn recently launched its groundbreaking platform in the U.S. market. The platform uses data points from thousands of sources to not only look at the past but, for the first time, leverage data … [More]

Recognition Can Be a Snap

by Hani Goldstein

Snappy is an innovative employee recognition and incentive platform. It allows companies and managers to send a collection of thoughtful gifts to team members with a click of a button, helping employees feel appreciated and motivated at work. Snappy sources the best products and experiences from leading brands and retailers to be able to offer each recipient a personalized … [More]