Overcome Recruiting Challenges

by Rustina Knutzon

Hiring challenges abound across many of Arizona’s industries. With low unemployment and more companies dipping into the talent pool, it can be difficult to find skilled talent. Here are tips to help a business take a focused approach and improve its chances of landing the best talent.  Don’t skimp on compensation. Offering a good salary… [More]

Avoid Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

by Ruth Urban

Here are the top three common bookkeeping mistakes by small-business owners, and how to avoid them. Mistake #1: Not safeguarding the business’s money. It’s not uncommon for new business owners to hire a friend or relative to do the bookkeeping. They find an easy way to have someone — anyone — handle this tedious task.… [More]

Successful Innovation — Technology vs People

by Steven L. Blue

The reason innovations fail is not because of technology. It’s never about the technology. Innovations fail because of people. The people who might employ a new technology may not be sold on it. Or they might be afraid of it. Or they might feel threatened by. Welcome to the dark side of innovation. However, the… [More]

Planning Tips to Avoid Common Meeting Mistakes

by Michael Lentin

With the large array of details it takes to plan and execute on a successful conference, convention or trade show; small details that make a large impact often slip through the cracks. The following are tips to avoid common mistakes of a business conference. Book soundproof conference rooms. One of the largest complaints at business… [More]

Small Companies Can Compete with the Giants

by Corrine Sandler

Before the Internet, small companies didn’t stand a chance against the Goliaths. That’s because no war can be won without intelligence and, before the digital era, collecting actionable data and information about one’s competitors, market and customers cost a lot more than most small businesses — the Davids — could afford. But today, the Davids… [More]

Website Launch the Right Way

by Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance 

The recent high-profile misfiring of the launch of the U.S. government’s healthcare website may have captured the headlines, but most brands and corporations make similar mistakes when launching their own mission-critical mobile or Web apps. In the release of HealthCare.gov, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent, outages and slow response were the norm and… [More]

Explode Sales with Targeted Online Marketing

by Thomas Beyer

The Internet has accelerated strategic target marketing to a new level. We have access to virtually any type of information at our fingertips. Combining this with expert analytics, marketers today can create, evaluate and redeploy targeted campaigns at light speed. In the “old” days, the best advertisers could hope for was to promote their company… [More]

Commercial Real Estate as Investment

by Dan Nillen

Across the country, commercial real estate companies are finding that managing a portfolio is a particularly challenging task in today’s economy. The following best practices demonstrate that effective portfolio management starts with the development of a thorough review process that allows a business to respond to opportunities in the market. Frequent Reviews Are Critical Although… [More]

Visitors Wanted — Get Your Website Found on the Internet

by Thomas Beyer

Last month, we discussed how to design a website to support your sales process. Now that you’ve created a sales-oriented site, it’s time to make sure you get found by your prospects. More than 85 percent of “clicks” go to the highest-ranking websites. The key search engine ranking components are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and… [More]

Base Website Design on Your Sales Process

by Thomas Beyer

If you want your website to generate new business opportunities, you need to make sure it is designed to attract leads while it is guiding your prospect through the sales cycle. If you’re an e-commerce company, like Amazon or e-Bay, specifically focused on selling your product or service on the Internet, your site was probably… [More]