Improving Construction Workplace Safety Boosts Business

by Dennis Tsonis

The construction industry is the backbone of a city’s economic development. With Arizona’s construction slowdown during the economic downturn, many skilled workers left the state, making retaining a qualified, skilled workforce one of the biggest challenges contractors face today. As the industry struggles to recover and attract new workers, health and safety needs to be… [More]

DNA-based Lifestyle Apps

by Mike Hunter

Exploragen has launched as a DNA lifestyle company to deliver useful DNA-based apps directly to consumers. The new California startup, led by a team of veterans from the medical genetics industry, creates engaging apps that translate DNA information into personalized insights consumers can use to improve their everyday lives. Exploragen apps will be available exclusively… [More]

Digital Therapies 

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based Magellan Health, recognized as a leading provider of software-based tools to increase the integration of and access to behavioral health treatment, continues to develop digital therapies by expanding its collaboration with Click Therapeutics to pursue a new avenue: Food and Drug Administration clearance for therapeutic apps. “Using the industry-leading suite of intellectual property and… [More]

Value-based Care: For Employers, It’s a Prescription for the Future

by Ed Clarke, M.D.

Delivering best-in-class products at a fair price and with stellar customer service is at the core of every company’s mission. Now, the healthcare industry is embracing these principles with a progressive model of care that rewards physicians and hospital systems for the quality of their clinical outcomes instead of the number of services they provide.… [More]

Drug App for Kids with Cancer 

by Mike Hunter

The Purple Drug Guide, a unique drug research tool to help families dealing with pediatric cancer, combines detailed treatment information in a user-friendly format. The free mobile app offered by Scottsdale-based nonprofit The Purple Society also enables comparison of pricing information. “Knowledge is power, and this new app gives the family the ability to make… [More]

Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

by Mike Hunter

Local nonprofit The Seena Magowitz Foundation was created with the hope of raising awareness of pancreatic cancer — the fourth deadliest cancer and one of the hardest to detect. Because it is often detected in late stages of development, people with pancreatic cancer have just a 5 percent chance of surviving for five years after… [More]

Same-Day Spine Care

by Mike Hunter

Four out of every five Americans will face back pain in their lifetime. Problems with the low back, in particular, are on the rise. It is a leading cause of missed work and accounts for an estimated $177 billion in spending every year. Aiming to help patients unravel the typical confusing web of generalists and… [More]

Happy? Sad? Sleep Deprivation Blurs the ‘Read’

by Mike Hunter

Business leaders who rely on their people-reading skills, take note: A recently released study led by William D.S. Killgore, University of Arizona professor of psychiatry, psychology and medical imaging, found that study participants had a harder time identifying facial expressions of happiness or sadness when they were sleep deprived than when they were well-rested. While… [More]

Advancements in ENT – Helping Put Our Community on the Map

by Robert Bridge, M.D.

HonorHealth Ear, Nose and Throat is excited about some new innovative technologies that help us serve our community here in Arizona. Currently, our otolaryngology group in Central Phoenix is the only one in the Southwest to offer the unique services below. Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation is a new device approved for persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction… [More]

Ethnic-Sensitive Healthcare

by Mike Hunter

Equality Health, an Arizona-based organization pioneering healthcare delivery to underserved and ethnic populations, has officially launched its cultural care program with an initial focus on the Hispanic community. “Challenges with language, health literacy and cultural and social norms have created large healthcare disparities for a growing portion of our society, and that’s unacceptable,” says Hugh… [More]