MyUnity™ for Full Continuum of Care

by Mike Hunter

myUnity™ is a cloud-based comprehensive electronic health record platform recently made available by Netsmart to serve the entire care continuum of care at home and senior living providers. The platform is the next step in the Netsmart strategy to support and integrate the entire care at home and senior living ecosystems with all of healthcare,… [More]

Oral Hygiene, Digitally

by Mike Hunter

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize the oral hygiene category, with industry players increasingly harnessing this technology to uniquely attract and engage consumers, GlobalData reports. In GlobalData’s 2017 global consumer survey, just 18 percent of respondents said they currently use digital tools to monitor/manage their dental and oral hygiene, whereas 40 percent of… [More]

Medical Marijuana: Establishing Standards

by Jeff Hunter

With bipartisan support in place, Arizona Senate Bill 1420 should end up as law, and while this paves the way for medicinal use of marijuana in the state, healthcare providers — and dispensaries — will have strict regulations to follow. SB 1420 passed the Arizona State Senate by a vote of 27–3 in late February,… [More]

Hereditary Cancer Gene Testing

by Mike Hunter

Of the new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in 2018, as many as 10 percent will be the result of an inherited gene mutation. Insight into hereditary risk would enable an individual to consider steps, such as more frequent screening, to potentially detect cancer in an earlier, more treatable stage. Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s… [More]

F.I.T. for an Apple Watch

by Mike Hunter

UnitedHealthcare is adding a new incentive to its popular UnitedHealthcare Motion, a digital wellness program that provides people with access to activity trackers that can enable them to earn up to $1,000 per year by meeting certain daily F.I.T. (measurement of frequency, intensity and tenacity) walking goals. To date, participants have collectively walked more than… [More]

Silent Office Productivity Killer: Indoor Air Quality

by Oyvind Birkenes

Employee productivity can make or break a company. Outside distractions like social media and cell phone use instantly come to mind, but there’s an enormous threat inside the office that’s often misunderstood and overlooked: indoor air quality (IAQ). In fact, poor air quality is so detrimental to employee performance that a recent Harvard study found… [More]

Driving Supply Chain Excellence in the Health Sector

by Eugene Schneller, Ph.D.

Supply chain excellence is a distinguishing characteristic of many U.S. and global businesses. Companies as diverse as Walmart, IBM, John Deere and Costco attribute much of their success to having an efficient and effective supply chain as a differentiator. The healthcare provider industry, while frequently depicted as having one of the most inefficient supply chains,… [More]

UA Physician-Scientist Awarded Grant for Schizophrenia Diagnostic Test

by Mike Hunter

Amelia Gallitano, M.D., Ph.D., a physician-scientist at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and a faculty member of its Department of Basic Medical Sciences, has received a grant to develop the first diagnostic test for schizophrenia. The $175,000 grant from the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation funds the development of a rapid… [More]

Sonora Quest Laboratories Launches Mobile-Friendly Website 

by Mike Hunter

Sonora Quest Laboratories’ newly redesigned website includes, among many new state-of-the-art capabilities, a simple online process that allows healthcare consumers to order their own lab tests without a doctor’s order through My Lab ReQuest™. The easy-to-use, secure experience, which also enables consumers to prepay and schedule their appointment, allows consumers an increased level of engagement… [More]

Transforming Healthcare through a Collaborative Value-Based Care Model

by Scott McFarland

The U.S. healthcare system is immersed in the most significant payment reform changes in decades. This transition from rewarding the volume of care to the value of care – measured by patient outcomes – brings substantial challenges and opportunities to all stakeholders in the industry. And it holds even more importance for an emerging healthcare… [More]