Considerations with Funding a Company

by R. Steven Reed

Determining the best capital structure for a business is one of the many difficult decisions owners and founders must make. Capital structures vary widely, and what may work best for one company may be completely wrong for another — depending on the industry area, resources available and management team. Different capital structures include bootstrapping (completely… [More]

Keeping Business in the Family Way

by Darren T. Case

Earlier in May, Cathy Hughes, an attorney-adviser for the Estate and Gift Tax Policy Office for the United States Department of the Treasury, sent shockwaves into the tax and estate planning community by announcing that new regulations would be implemented to make it much more difficult for families to transfer a family business to the… [More]

Business Strategies

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses create revenue and income relative to how they utilize assets. When a business owner goes into the marketplace to try to raise money, the bigger the business’s asset base, the better its position to do so — whether it needs to buy things to sell or make things to sell, says Michael Denning, Ph.D.,… [More]

Raising Awareness of Financial Resources 

by Jennifer Anderson

According to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup national study, “Diverse Small-Business Owners Share Their Experiences,” 71 percent of women business owners say they feel very satisfied as a business owner and 89 percent would own a business rather than do anything else. Yet, surprisingly, the survey also found that women are largely unaware of the many resources… [More]

Equity Crowdfunding Comes to Arizona

by Kevin J. Walsh

Arizona’s new crowdfunding law, which is intended to give small companies in the local Arizona economy greater access to capital, took effect on July 3, 2015. Arizona joins a growing number of states that have recently enacted laws permitting some form of equity crowdfunding. For startups and other emerging growth businesses that may not have… [More]

Sweepstakes Offers: Legal Promotion or Illegal Gambling?

by Jim Stipe

Many businesses look to hold sweepstakes, raffles, poker tournaments and other contests for marketing purposes. They don’t realize that these activities can amount to illegal gambling. “Gambling” generally means risking something of value for a chance to win a prize. With only limited exceptions, it is against the law for an Arizona business to benefit… [More]

No More Fundraising Excuses

by Richard Tollefson

It is official. Philanthropic giving in the United States is not only on the rebound, it has fully recovered since the recession, marking the highest levels of giving in the country’s history. Yes, even despite weak and uneven economic recovery. According to the Giving USA 2015 report, charitable giving has risen 7.1 percent over the… [More]

Finance: Employee Wellness Benefit

by RaeAnne Marsh

Financial wellness is increasingly a concern of employers for their employees. “There’s almost universal awareness now that financial problems affect business,” says Mike Sullivan, director of education with Take Charge America, explaining that people do not attend to business as well as they would if they didn’t have financial problems on their mind. “So businesses… [More]

The Real Impact of Impact Investing

by Richard Tollefson

The Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix relies heavily on one critical natural resource: water. For years its plants were nurtured with the same high-demand, potable drinking water running from residents’ taps. The environmental and cost-saving solution: non-potable water from the adjacent Salt River Project canal, offered to the “turf” industry at a 60-percent discount by… [More]

Creditsafe Grows into West

by Alexandra Lyon

Creditsafe, the world’s most-used supplier of online company credit reports, has opened a sales center in Tempe. “We wanted to be able to better serve our growing customer base in the west of the country,” says Creditsafe’s president of U.S. operations Matthew Debbage. The fast-growing company, which was founded in 1997 in Oslo, Norway, and… [More]